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WolfDancer Creations

Authentically Handcrafted Native American Artifacts and Creations

Ceremonial Lakota Wolfdancer
Welcome to Michael Stalking Wolf's Wolfdancer Creations

The artist's specialties include authentically handcrafted traditional artifacts and weapons such as stone knives, stone-tipped lances, tomahawks, war-clubs, and arrows, as well as shields, drums, painted skulls, medicine wheels, capotes and a very few custom jewelry items.  Please note that Michael only uses legally obtained materials.  Laws vary from state to state, it is up to the purchaser to verify that possession of any of these items is legal in your area.

Our Goal

Is to keep alive our Lakota cultural tradition and to provide the very best genuine, handcrafted, hand-carved, or hand-painted Native American artifacts and traditional weapons. Please note .. we do not EVER work with plastic materials.

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 Artist Michael Stalking Wolf may only be reached directly via email at 
 mstalkingwolf@hotmail.com  or mstalkingwolf@yahoo.com

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